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It’s official, I’ve been published.

February 20, 2013

Well folks, I’ve been published. My great aunt’s daughter writes for the Times-Republican in Marshalltown, IA and she wrote about my blog in her column a couple Sundays 


ago. She said “the only thing missing from her blog are some good Czech recipes.” She has some specific family recipes that she would like to pass on to me, it looks like I have some new recipes to try! 

Last night I tried my first recipe from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook, tomato-glazed meatloaf with brown butter mashed potatoes. I couldn’t find the recipe on her blog, but here it is on another food blog. I’ve made meatloaf a couple times for Mike and every time he says he’s not a big fan. I on the other hand really like meatloaf so I decided to try this recipe and sneak one by him. I told him I was making meatballs with a tomato glaze and mashed potatoes. Tricked ya. They were aa success. After dinner I broke the news to Mike and he claimed he knew what they were all along. The greatest part is they only took 20 minutes to cook versus the 60 minutes that normal meatloaves can take. 

Let me also tell you how good brown butter is. And how good it is in mashed potatoes. Brown 


butter is butter cooked down in a pan until it turns brown. But the flavor it adds is amazing. There are a couple recipes in her cookbook for desserts with brown butter, I must try them.

I also made my favorite side of roasted broccoli. Perfect compliment to a tasty comfort food meal. 

Spaghetti was on the menu tonight. For this I usually just cook some veggies (onions, carrots, celery), garlic, Italian seasoning, s&p and red wine for about 10 minutes. Add meat (I used ground turkey this time) and tomato sauce and cook down for about 20 minutes. Serve over noodles and parmesan cheese, and dinner is served. And we both have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, even better. 

Have any Czech recipes to share? I’ve got some searching to do. 


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  1. Raina permalink

    Yay! I want to see the rest of the article – I’m curious about the vomacka recipe. I remember the kolachkies and mocha cakes but don’t remember vomacka. Reading Rosie’s article does inspire me to try out some Czech recipes. Let me know if you get any good ones.

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