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All things are normal again.

January 23, 2013

Well, it’s done. Our first home remodel/DIY project is complete. And we love it, I’m not going to lie there were a couple times I was a little nervous but it turned out great. 

On Sunday (my favorite day to cook) I made a recipe that my sister gave me.


She’s an excellent cook and always has really great recipes for me to try! I used one of the roasts that we got with our cow and it was so good. The meat was so tender, Mike was impressed. I served it over cous cous instead of egg noodles, just because I prefer cous cous. Mike made a few comments about that, but he got over it. 

Last night, dinner was a flop. The pictures in the recipe were deceiving, but aren’t they always. Like I mentioned in a different post Mike’s favorite Chinese dish is sesame chicken and I’m always on the hunt for good recipes. And now I know that this one wasn’t it. When I cooked the chicken with the corn starch and egg whites I got a bunch of weird scrambled eggs with the chicken and ended up picking it out. I didn’t take any pictures because it was nothing amazing. 

Tonight I made a standby, turkey burgers. I usually just throw whatever I’m feeling like in with the meat and tonight was no different. I started by putting some garlic, green onion, a couple slices of yellow onion and wilted spinach in a food processor to chop it up. I added that, balsamic vinegar (a couple splashes), mayo (spoonful), dijon mustard (spooful) and s&p to the turkey meat. Oh and a little grated cheddar cheese to hold them together. I love turkey burgers. Mike deals with turkey burgers. When I told him the burgers were turkey his response was “figures”. Good thing he eats just about anything I put on his plate. 🙂 I also made a big green salad, which made me miss our garden a lot. It was so much more convenient and cheap to go out the back door and pick everything I need to make salad. We’re getting closer, especially because Mike is planning to turn our garden into a green house this year to extend our growing season. We 


might start our on CSA soon, not really but we will have a lot of veggies! I also did some pan fried potatoes to round out tonight’s meal. As you can see it was a success. 




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  1. Raina permalink

    Aww, thanks! Glad you liked the stew. I made your chicken enchiladas this weekend and they were delicious. Love you!

  2. A green house!?!? Awesome!

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