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Need to cook.

January 16, 2013

I’ve been a little distracted lately and haven’t been doing a ton of cooking. We are currently 1/2 halfway through a bathroom remodel project on the only bathroom in our house. I’m feeling quite out of sorts. Luckily we have great neighbors, Courtney and Brian that let us use their shower and my in-laws don’t live too far away. After I’m done writing, we will be heading over there to shower for the evening. 

This project was spurred by a leaky window in the shower and when we pulled of the plastic tub surround we found that the walls were pretty wet. So, it’s a good thing we are doing this. 

I haven’t tried any new recipes lately, I did make Rachel Ray’s beef stroaganoff on Friday night to feed the crew we had working, aka my husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law. I knew it would go over well because Mike referred to it as “rich man’s hamburger helper”, they can relate to that. I also swapped out ground beef for beef tenderloin because I wanted to try the beef we have in our freezer. It was good stuff. I’m in search of a good roast recipe to try this weekend, anyone have anything good? I also made homemade pizza last night because I’m going through kitchen withdrawls after spending 100 hours in the bathroom with three grown men all weekend. And for those of you who have seen our bathroom you know it’s not built to hold three grown men at one time. 

I’ve started to plan out the menu for the week because I need to do some cooking. On the agenda so far is spaghetti (I use my own recipe/whatever I think sounds good for this), sesame chicken, some sort of roast and celebratory steaks (still browsing recipes for that, something very manly I’m sure) for when we get the bathroom done. I’m hoping that happens Saturday or Sunday. But I’ll keep you posted. 


I also got some very exciting news tonight my second cousin, Rosie. I think she’s my second cousin, but I really think of her as an aunt. She’s my grandpa’s sister’s daughter. Anyways, she writes a column for a newspaper in Marshalltown, IA and she’s going to write about my blog! I’m going to be published :). Can’t wait to read it! 

And here’s snapshot of our partially completed bathroom. 


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  1. Raina permalink

    Love the mood lighting in the bathroom photo! It is looking so great – I can’t wait to see the finished room! I don’t have a good roast recipe, but we make this frequently and it’s tasty. It takes a few hours, but most of the time is unattended. I bet it would be good with your cow. I use dried herbs instead of fresh and skip the cloves. Leftovers are delish.

  2. Carly permalink

    Thanks, Raina! This looks awesome! xox

  3. Sue permalink

    Carly, Love your bathroom! I am starting to follow your blog. You are good. Sue (neighbor of Julia)

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