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Blueberries, fish and pesto.

January 3, 2013

I wanted to start by telling you a little about some of the goodies I had while I was home in Grand Marais for the holidays.

My dad is an avid fisherman. He’s one of those guys that can sit out on the lake all day and not catch a thing and still throughly enjoy himself. I love him for it. Anyways, one of the requests for meals when we were home was my Dad’s walleye. I can’t tell you the recipe for the breading, family secret, but I can tell you it was awesome. This is one of Mike’s favorite meals. I think that may have something to do with me never cooking fish at home.


My dad’s birthday is a couple days after Christmas so my mom, sister and I also made him a blueberry pound cake. Last summer my parents picked thousands of blueberries up the Gunflint Trail, so needless to say we ate a lot of blueberry inspired meals last week. The cake was great and made for a sweet treat in the morning too, it kinda reminded me of coffee cake.

And now for tonight’s meal. I was recently digging in our chest freezer and discovered about 6 more jars of pesto under a giant bag of venison. So, now I’ve been thinking about creative ways to use it.

I did a little experimenting tonight by combining the sauce from a recipe we had tried before with pesto, veggies and chicken breast. I needed something fresh with lots of veggies after everything I consumed last week and I mean everything.


Here’s how it worked. I put some pesto on a couple chicken breasts and grilled those. Cooked about some pasta in boiling water, duh. 🙂 Sauteed zucchini and onions in some olive oil. Combined red pepper, garlic, basil and s&p in food processor and add that mixture to the saute pan. Then after that cooked for a few minutes I added a splash of skim milk, greek yogurt and a couple splashes of heavy cream. Cooked that down, adjusted the taste and then added the chicken and pasta with a little parmesan cheese. And viola (yes I Googled how to spell that).

It was just what I wanted. Mike has seconds. I would call this one a success. Although I bet if you asked Mike he would say, “ya know what would make this even better, red meat”.


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