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The name says it all.

December 5, 2012

When I came across this recipe on Pinterest I knew I had to make it. Man pleasing chicken, what more do you need to say. 

It was super easy and super good. I got home late after a run to the co-op and it look me a total of three minutes to mix together the sauce, pour it over the chicken and stick it in the oven. Granted it takes about 40 minutes to bake but it gave me a chance to make my side dish. 

I’ve recently started to notice a new brand at my co-op, Just Bare. I decided to a little research and it turns out this is a pretty cool brand with a pretty cool mission. The chickens are raised on independent family farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin where they’re free to roam in modern, climate-controlled barns and aren’t pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Also, the packages have a number on them to allow you to track your chicken back to farm it came from just by going to their website.


My chicken from farm #107.

Anyways, back to dinner. I’ve hav hade a few awesome meals with couscous in them in the last couple months and I have really been wanting to try a recipe at home. Mike Shannon from Cooks of Crocus Hill made us couscous at a working lunch last week, it was fantastic. Mike had never tried it before tonight, but he seemed to really enjoy. He even went back for seconds. I did a few modifications to this recipe. I added kale to the shallots and mushrooms and didn’t use as much mascarpone cheese, but add some goat cheese instead. It was cheesy and oniony and garlicky and awesome. I think I will start doing some investigating for more couscous recipes, anyone have any to share? 


Ingredients for a man pleasing meal.


This is it.


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  1. Elaina permalink

    Looks amazing and woman pleasing as well!

  2. Let’s go to Valley Natural Foods together! I’ve only been there once but have had many of their cakes before 🙂

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